Samick Bearings

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SAMICK bearing, LM type is the linear motion system with unlimited stroke by applying with LM shaft. Because of the point contact between Balls and LM shaft, minimum friction can be acquired and that can give you the high precision motion. SAMICK Linear Bushing serves the alignment of the balls toward the LM Shaft by the single Retainer and cylindrical shape of Raceway. Outer Sleeve is made of high-carbon Chromium Bearing Steel, and inner and outer grinding processes are applied after Heat treatment.


The term "bearing" is derived from the verb "to bear";[1] a bearing being a machine element that allows one part to bear (i.e., to support) another. The simplest bearings are bearing surfaces, cut or formed into a part, with varying degrees of control over the form, size, roughness and location of the surface. Other bearings are separate devices installed into a machine or machine part. The most sophisticated bearings for the most demanding applications are very precise devices; their manufacture requires some of the highest standards of current technology,


Samick LMKM10UU linear bearings

5.9 in 750 rpm
0.2 in 013992033253

40 mm x 62 mm x 60,6 mm Samick LME40 linear bearings

GYAE20RRB 3190 lbf
64.3 mm 96 mm

Samick LMEKM60 linear bearings

Viton Single Lip 013992027344
103187 lbf 1450 rpm

Samick LMF8LUU linear bearings

Open Type 0.12
Plastic 12mm

Samick LMBS32 linear bearings

Imperial 9200
0.0984 6.3750 in

13 mm x 23 mm x 23 mm Samick LM13UUAJ linear bearings

1.7 in Take-Up
15.0 in 1.9 in

Samick LMEKP12UU linear bearings

Viton Single Lip M30

Samick LMHP13LUU linear bearings

2.75 in SAF225111-7/8
9.6250 in 16 lb

Samick LMF10UU linear bearings

C4 250mm
In Stock Open Type

Samick SC10-B linear bearings

Brass 2740
In Stock 3500

Samick LMEF40 linear bearings

1450 rpm Push Type
183669 lbf 140 mm

16 mm x 26 mm x 24,9 mm Samick LME16UU linear bearings

0.02 KGS 4300
Standard 100mm