LS Bearings

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The LS brand traces it roots to 1958 to the Fujian Longxi Bearing Factory. Since then, the LS brand represents the premier name in spherical plain bearings and rod ends produced in China.

LS bearings hold rotating components such as shafts or axles within mechanical systems, and transfer axial and radial loads from the source of the load to the structure supporting it. The simplest form of bearing, the plain bearing, consists of a shaft rotating in a hole. Lubrication is used to reduce friction. In the ball bearing and roller bearing, to reduce sliding friction, rolling elements such as rollers or balls with a circular cross-section are located between the races or journals of the bearing assembly. A wide variety of bearing designs exists to allow the demands of the application to be correctly met for maximum efficiency, reliability, durability and performance.



Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
20 mm x 55 mm x 14,5 mm LS GX20T plain bearings 440 mm 720 mm 226 mm 6 mm
292,1 mm x 438,15 mm x 219,075 mm LS GEZ292ES-2RS plain bearings 1120 mm 1540 mm 525 mm 335 mm
LS SIZP6N plain bearings 1120 mm 1460 mm 500 mm 335 mm
LS SF120ES plain bearings 35.000 mm 72.0000 mm 27.00 mm 1.00 mm
LS SI15ET-2RS plain bearings 400.000 mm 500.0000 mm 46.00 mm 2.00 mm
LS SQYL9-RS plain bearings 380 mm 620 mm 194 mm 5 mm
LS SQG14/B5 plain bearings 1060.355 mm 1400 mm 490 mm 335 mm
LS SIBP18S plain bearings 230 mm 250 mm 140 mm 265 mm
35 mm x 55 mm x 35 mm LS GEEM35ES-2RS plain bearings 25 mm 30 mm 45 mm 31 mm
88,9 mm x 139,7 mm x 50,8 mm LS GACZ88S plain bearings 1020 mm 1280 mm 352 mm 218 mm
380 mm x 540 mm x 272 mm LS GEH380HC plain bearings 260 mm 280 mm 175 mm 183 mm
6 mm x 16 mm x 9 mm LS GEBJ6C plain bearings 380 mm 560 mm 180 mm 5 mm