Needle Roller and Cage Thrust Assemblies

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Needle Roller and Cage Thrust Assemblies are self­-contained, ready-­to­-mount bearings. In applications where the shaft and housing bore can serve as raceways, the assemblies can be used to create bearing arrangements that require minimal radial space.


Needle Roller and Cage Thrust Assemblies for General Usage are bearings that provide excellent rotational performance. Their specially shaped cages, with high rigidity and accuracy, precisely guide the needle rollers. Since needle rollers with extremely small dimensional variations in diameter are incorporated and retained in this needle roller cage, they utilize the machining accuracy of the way and are useful in small spaces when combined with shafts and housing bores that are heat treated and accurately ground as raceway surfaces. In addition, since they are lightweight and have high rigidity as well as a large lubricant holding capacity, they can withstand severe operating conditions such as high speed rotation and shock loads, and they are used in a wide range of applications.


SKF 353118 Custom Bearing Assemblies

70.000 mm 7000 rpm
3600 rpm Without Accessories

SKF 353005 Screw-down Bearings

8400 rpm 178000 N
2.00 mm 5500 rpm

SKF 353162 Needle Roller and Cage Thrust Assemblies

Two Shields 13.00 mm
17000 rpm 42.0000 mm

SKF BFSB 353312/HA1 Needle Roller and Cage Thrust Assemblies

63 mm 1.2
3.25 kg 4 mm

SKF BFSB 353210 Custom Bearing Assemblies

1 mm 20 mm
16.307 kN 17 mm

SKF BFSB 353901/HA4 Thrust Bearings

12.00 mm 40.0000 mm
12000 rpm 9560 N

SKF 351573 Screw-down Bearings

0.79 mm 11.1 mm
One Seal 11000 rpm

SKF BFSB 353247 Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings

62 mm 35.7 mm
7500 r/min 1.1 mm

SKF BFSB 353285/HA4 Needle Roller and Cage Thrust Assemblies

85 mm 19 mm
41.1 kN 43.8 kN

SKF BFS 8000/HA1 Custom Bearing Assemblies

5000 r/min 0.27 kg
95 mm 4300 r/min

SKF 350998 Thrust Bearings

238 mm 1200 kN
11.1 mm 2.1 mm